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Magical Passes

Magical Passes®

…they showed the shaman initiates how to use their kinesthetic memory… which had the marvelous effect of shutting off the noise of the mind: the internal dialogue… which opened their doors to enhanced perception…
Don Juan Matus

Welcome to the Cleargreen Magical Passes® Library!

Magical Passes®, or Tensegrity® movements, are a vital and central element of Tensegrity® practice! Carlos Castaneda described them as the glue or web that anchors and supports all the other practices of Tensegrity®, which include intending, decision-making, recapitulation, dreaming and silence. (more about Tensegrity® and its origins).

The Magical Passes® of Tensegrity® are modernized forms of body movements and positions which don Juan Matus described as a kind of hidden heritage of humankind, discovered millennia ago by seers of ancient Mexico, while they were in states of heightened awareness called dreaming. Practicing those same movements and positions in their waking awareness, those seers experienced extraordinary vitality, physical prowess, awareness, concentration, purpose and overall wellbeing of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Those seers lived in a time when people regularly walked long distances, followed the natural cycles of light, sun, moon, and stars, and experienced long periods of silence. The movements and sequences they discovered and practiced have been adapted for our time, to help offset the physical and energetic effects of our hours spent sitting in cars, trains or planes, or in front of computer or phone screens, and the numerous interruptions or distractions we encounter in a single day. Yet these adapted sequences retain their original intent and effect: They redistribute energy that has been dispersed within our own electromagnetic fields, our luminous sphere of energy that surrounds and goes through the body, returning that energy to the body itself, making it available to use for whatever purpose we choose; and by restoring our energy, the Magical Passes® link us more closely with our energetic essence—our energy body, our energy twin, or soul.

We invite you to enjoy these movements, the wellbeing and expanded awareness they bring, and the new doors, dreams and possibilities they open. A path with heart, don Juan said, is one the traveler is inspired to walk its full length. Whether this is your first step with Tensegrity® or a new turn on your path, we wish you a joyous journey, and are honored to share it with you.

Our initial entries in the library will consist of four key Tensegrity® series which are ideal for those learning these movements for the first time, as well as for those who are renewing or deepening their practice. As we continue to add new series over time, the library will grow. Our teachers described the Magical Passes® as comprising a universe of movement—each a passageway to infinity. Here is a first step.

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Tensegrity® Online Practice

Magical Passes® videos offered by Cleargreen Incorporated. Redeploy your energy and enhance your awareness. Practice Magical Passes® anywhere, use your computer or mobile device to bring new possibilities in your daily life!

Tensegrity® is the modern version of the navigator’s way—practices and principles that support finding and traveling a path with heart—that don Juan Matus taught his four students: Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs. Don Juan was a Yaqui Indian seer and a leader of a group of men and women seers whose lineage begins in Mexico of ancient times.

Free Videos & Samples

Get a glimpse of our growing Magical Passes® video Library

This Magical Passes® series is dedicated to smilodon, one of the last surviving genuses of saber-tooth, who roamed in North and South America from 1.6 million years ago to about 11,000 years ago...

Using the element of breath, the recapitulation liberates energy stuck in one’s unexamined story or view of the past, clearing one’s link with the energy body.

To calm the body and nervous system while sitting and lying down on a mat…


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If you wish to practice with others the Magical Passes® you’ve learned from this library or from Tensegrity® events, you may attend or form a Tensegrity® Practice Group.
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